Cornsilk Herbal Tea

Cornsilk is the fine, thread-like, light-green strand that extends from the end of the ear of corn, where it captures pollen and channels it to the cob so that a single kernel of corn may grow. Oftentimes, this cornsilk is removed when cooking the corn itself, but in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is is known to have an effect on blood sugar levels.* The special blend of tea leaves and Chinese herbs in Cornsilk Tea is an ideal thirst quenching beverage. Drink it everyday, before every meal!

Ingredients: Cornsilk, guava leaf, Solomon's seal rhizome, Jasmine green tea, trichosanthes root, ophiopogon tuber root, white mulberry leaf, lophatherum leaf, anemarrhena rhizome, eucommia leaf, fleeceflower root, astragalus root, licorice root

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